The Financial Planning Process

As our goals and desires change as we do, financial planning is a task that is never finished.  While, the initial plan is fulfilled in six basic steps, the overall process is on-going:



This is the "let's get acquainted" meeting where your advisor gets to know you, your current needs, your lifestyle and your future goals. The scope of services provided and responsibilities of both sides will also be discussed and outlined.


Gather Relevant Information & Define Goals

In order to fully understand your goals and priorities, your advisor will ask you for several types of financial information and inquire about your time horizon and other factors such as your tolerance for risk.


Analyze & Evaluate Your Financial Status

The information that the advisor collects from you will be organized and analyzed to assess your current situation and determine if there are sufficient resources to reach your goals.


Construct a Financial Plan

The advisor will then design and present to you a customized financial plan highlighting recommendations along with a timeline of action steps. Changes may be made to the plan based on your input.


Implement the Strategies

The recommendations outlined in the plan are implemented using suitable investments and financial services. There may be a discussion to determine if other professionals such as attorneys or accountants are needed.

Monitor & Update

Monitor Your Progress & Update Plan

You and your advisor will monitor progress towards your goals and meet periodically to review your situation and adjust any recommendations needed, as life changes occur.

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