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Social Security Claiming Strategies

When to begin collecting Social Security retirement benefits may be the single most important decision a retiree makes. In this one-hour class we will discuss:

  • The five most costly mistakes most people make regarding social security
  • When is the best time to begin collecting?
  • How much will you receive and does it ever pay to delay the start date?
  • Can you continue to work and still collect retirement benefits?
  • The three little known claiming strategies that can significanly boost your bottom line for life
  • The secret weapon for maximizing retirement benefits - your spouse

Investment Planning for Retirement

Your investment planning mindset needs to change dramatically as you near retirement. In this one-hour session, we will discuss:

  • Why lifelong conventional investment strategies may no longer be appropriate in retirement
  • Why retirement investment planning should be "all about the income"
  • Sequence of return risk - what if I retire into a protracted down market?
  • Which of my investment accounts does it make sense to tap into first?
  • What is my "number" and how do I calculate it?

Estate Planning Basics - The End Game

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not just for the rich. It's about everything you own and everyone you love. In this one-hour session, we will discuss:

  • The four most common estate planning mistakes
  • Will vs. Living Trust - which will work best for me?
  • The role of the Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive and Living Will in estate planning
  • Jointly titled accounts - are they always the best way to go?
  • IRA Beneficiary designations and the unintended problems they can create
  • The taxation of IRAs and life insurance during lifetime and at death


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