Wealth Management Products & Services

Countless choices to fulfill every client need!

Our open architecture platform offers the broadest product and service line. We go to great lengths to search for best-in-class investment providers. From basic mutual fund and equity trading products to alternative investments and managed account solutions – advisors have the options and choices they need to successfully support their clients.

Investment Products

As a company, we do not have any proprietary products that we push our advisors to use. The breadth of products available through our company is extensive. We are committed to having solutions that are comprehensive so our advisors can meet their client needs. Some of the products available to advisors include:

Mutual Funds

  • Access to more than 16,500 load and no-load mutual funds from more than 500 fund families
  • Access to nearly 3,500 no-transaction-fee funds from more than 200 families
  • A wide range of money market mutual funds and FDIC-insured products


  • Through Pershing LLC, there is access to a wide range of equity investments including stocks, exchange traded funds (ETF's), Unit Investment Trusts (UIT's), and options

Fixed Income Solutions

  • Access to a multitude of fixed income products including corporate and government bonds, mortgage-backed securities, preferred securities, and municipal bonds

Variable Annuities

  • Access to more than 30 different carriers

Alternative Investments

  • To meet the needs of high net worth investors, we have access to traded and non-traded REIT's, 1031 exchanges (TICS), Hedge Funds and other investments

Fee-Based Advisory Services

Nationwide Planning Asset Management  

Through NPA Asset Management, our registered investment advisor (RIA) platform we've built a comprehensive platform geared specifically to ensure success for advisors looking to build world class advisory businesses.

A few of our managed account programs include:

The Advisor Managed Program, for those whose core business approach to portfolio management is hands-on, is a platform designed primarily to permit advisors to assist clients in developing custom-tailored portfolios.

Our Managed Account Direct Program is appropriate for asset gatherers and offers a number of turnkey options to suit your business objectives. Portfolio management is outsourced, freeing yourself to spend more time focusing on your clients.

The Managed Account Custom Program enables our advisors to outsource the expertise of Lockwood Advisors (an affiliate of Pershing LLC), yet still maintain a hands-on approach by customizing certain investment selections based on your clients' specific goals and objectives.

In addition, NPA Asset Management has a number of strategic and tactical portfolio management solutions for advisors to choose from. Choices of some of the top Turnkey Asset Management Platforms (TAMP) include:

  • Lockwood Advisors
  • Brinker Capital
  • Genworth Financial Wealth Management
  • Loring Ward
  • SEI Investments
  • Morningstar
  • Hanlon Investment Management
  • PTS Asset Management
  • ITS Asset Management

Insurance Services

Nationwide Planning Insurance

Through NPA Insurance Agency, our full-service insurance affiliate, we provide our producers with a comprehensive portfolio of insurance-related products and services through over 30 different carriers.

NPA Insurance Agency operates as a virtual extension of Nationwide Planning Associates and bridges the gap between the insurance carriers and our insurance producers.  From illustrations and proposals to the underwriting process and advanced case studies, Nationwide Planning Insurance Agency provides service and guidance every step of the way.

Insurance services offered include:

  • Life Insurance
    • Term
    • Whole Life
    • Universal Life
    • Indexed Life
    • Survivorship Life
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Income
  • Fixed Annuities

Banking & Cash Management Solutions

Cash Management Solutions – As part of our ongoing effort to offer a complete wealth management solution, advisors have access to a variety of choices for their clients' immediate and longer term needs quickly and efficiently. Through Pershing LLC, you will have access to the following:

  • Three levels of check writing privileges for non-qualified accounts
  • Check writing privileges for qualified accounts
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Mastercard Debit Card
  • Ability to link bank accounts with brokerage accounts for seamless transfers
  • Access to a margin line of credit at competitive interest rates
  • Online access to accounts

Banking Solutions
– Through Everbank, a division of First Alliance Bank and a leader in online banking, you will have access to an extensive product line consisting of CD's, world currencies, check and savings accounts, money markets, credit cards and mortgages. Products are available for both individual clients and corporations. Advisors are generally paid basis points based on assets.

Advanced Wealth Management Services

Nationwide Planning Associates offers the following wealth management services to help your high net-worth clients preserve, manage, and increase their wealth:

  • Corporate Executive Services
  • Employee stock options - Financing of associated costs
  • Restricted stock sales - Facilitating the execution of sales and transfers
  • Loans against restricted stock - Leveraging assets to meet a liquidity need
  • Employee stock plan administrative capabilities - Employee Stock Options Plans, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, and Restricted Stock Awards/Units (RSA or RSU)
  • Trust Services - Access to a choice of corporate trusts providing comprehensive trustee services
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Hedging and Monetization of Equities

Financial Planning Resources

We offer two financial planning tools so advisors can provide ongoing relationship-based planning and deliver value to their clients beyond investment strategies. Between these two programs, advisors can help their clients get started on a wealth-building plan, avoid estate taxes, and everything in between.

MoneyGuide Pro MoneyGuide Pro is a collaborative internet-based financial planning software program, with a client centered approach that will help advisors implement and maintain a planning strategy that the best meets their clients' financial goals. This software integrates with CRM (Redtail).
NaviPlan NaviPlan is a powerful, yet flexible program delivering a full range of financial planning features plus client engagement tools, such as assessments and calculators. These tools quickly help advisors address clients' questions and deliver tailored recommendations.
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