Business Development

Supporting advisors to grow profitable practices.

Nationwide Planning's Practice Consulting Group provides advisors with resources and counseling on how to operate an efficient and profitable business. Some of the many services that we provide advisors with are:

Practice Management

  • Benchmarking and assessment - finding the gaps and inefficiencies that prevent advisors from realizing their best practice.
  • Business plan development - setting goals, employing client development and retention strategies, creating marketing and training programs to establish a strong foundation to build (or rebuild) their business.

Training & Education

Our continuing education program is dynamic and continually updated to keep pace with today’s shifting marketplace. Advisors will be exposed to numerous training opportunities including webinars, workshops, our National Sales Conference and much more.

Professional Alliance Program

Forming and maintaining strategic alliances with local professionals, such as CPA’s, attorneys, and insurance agents, are an integral part of building a successful practice as these partnerships can be a source of new business through referrals and revenue growth.

Succession Planning Services

Our relationship with FP Transitions, an industry leader in succession planning, can help you protect value, buy or sell your practice. Our Succession Team will ensure a smooth transition while providing the assurance of uninterrupted service to your clients. They will assist you in the following areas:

  • Support and guidance through each step of your retirement planning process
  • The development of transition strategies tailored to help you meet your goals
  • The seeking out of potential buyers
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