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At Nationwide Planning Associates, we understand that your clients have unique and ever-changing needs. Because of this, we have built our firm around supporting your ability to meet those needs with accuracy and versatility. Our home office professionals are here to serve as an extension of the knowledge, experience and dedication you bring to your practice. Each and every one of our employees works hard to ensure you have all of the tools and information at your fingertips to provide the highest caliber of service to your clients. With a knowledgeable, highly accessible support staff working with you, you will be able to serve your clients confidently.



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"With the NPA Insurance Back-Office Support Team, the arduous insurance process is made simple. They provide me with exemplary support, which allows me to spend time more with my clients focusing on other areas of financial planning. They also handle getting me 'appointed' with all of the insurance carriers – which is a significant time saver."


Bryan Pollack
Sr. Financial Advisor
Huntington, NY